Questions and Answers about the new site


Why did you move to a new site?

Our current POS system and now old site integrated with each other. On 4/3, we will be moving to a new POS in the taproom and that POS does not integration with our old web platform. It will integrate with the new web platform.

The integration between the old POS and old site was for inventory only and that will be the first integration with the new POS and new site. Our vendors will continue to roll out other integrations.

What changes can I expect?

First, the site will look and feel a little different. The way your Quarterly 4 Pack and 10% discount function will also be different. Keep reading to see how.

How is my Quarterly 4 Pack experience affected? What if I have an unused code from the old site?

First, if you have an unused code from the old site, you will have a code on this site. Read on to see how to redeem.

Hopefully, the 4 pack experience is a little simpler: just log in and enter the easy to remember codes (listed below) at checkout.

The codes for 2023 are as follows:

  • Q1 (migrated for those who didn't use their code on the old site) AC23Q1
  • Q2 (live today!) AC23Q2
  • Q3 (live 7/1) AC23Q3
  • Q4 (live 10/1) AC23Q4

These codes will automatically activate on the dates indicated. You simply have to be logged in and enter them at checkout.

And, yes! We will send you a reminder email when they go live!

I'll still get my 10% automatically, right?

Yes! The discounted price, however, will not show until the discount is applied during check.

I had an account on the old site, do I need a new one on this site?

Yes. Unfortunately, we couldn't migrate your account. So you will need to register for a new account to enjoy your benefits.

We were, however, able to migrate your order history. Upon registering with the same email, you will gain access to that history.

Are there any other benefits?

For you, the most obvious will be new payment options. You will have access to Shop Pay and to Apple Pay.