Questions and Answers about your membership to The Admiral Club


How do I enjoy my taproom benefits?

You will be issued a card that shows you're in The Admiral Club for the year you purchased. Additionally, there will be a list in the taproom for beertenders to reference. Just let them know you're in The Admiral Club and you enjoy:

  • 19.2 oz pour for the price of a 16 oz pour in an exclusive Admiral Club glass
  • 10% off to-go beer and merch
  • Crowler fills of all beers (not all are available to non-membershhip such as barrel-aged beers)
  • Birthday beer on your birthday

How do I get my quarterly 4 Pack?

The quarterly 4 pack is done entirely through this site:

  1. Log in so the site knows you're in The Admiral Club.
  2. Checkout with a 4 pack in your cart and enter the coupon code.
  3. Select where you want to pick up your 4 pack.
  4. Then swing by the taproom you selected and pick up your 4 pack!

While we will send periodic emails reminding you about your 4 packs, here are the codes and the dates they will be active.



AC24Q1 January 1st
AC24Q2 April 1st
AC24Q3 July 1st
AC24Q4 October 1st


The codes all expire on December 31st the year after your membership expires (2024 memberships expire on December 31, 2024, so the 4 pack codes expire on December 31, 2025).

What about my glass and shirt?


Glassware will be ordered by the end of January.  You will receive an email when it is ordered as well as an email when it has arrived.  To track the who has gotten their glass, you will receive a coupon code for one and need to place the order through our this site for pick up at your preferred location.


We are going to use an on-demand shirt printer beginning in 2024.  As soon as the designs are finalized, you'll receive an email with, yes, a coupon code.  You can order the shirt via this site and have shipped directly to you.  Because it is on-demand, we now will offer a few different colors and you'll be able to select the exact size you want.

    Do I get 10% off on the website?

    Yes! The discounted price, however, will not show until the discount is applied during check.

    When you log in, there should be a blue bar across the bottom.  If you don't see that (or have dismissed it), you can always verify by visting your account page.

    Anything else?

    • Make sure you've added both and to your safe senders list.  This is how we communicate and we don't want you to miss out on something that ends up in junk mail!
    • If you ever need to check the status of your membership, you can always visit your account page.  It will show if you are an active member and also link back to this FAQ page.

    • Any questions?  Send a note to
    • Thanks for your support and enjoy your membership!